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How the EU's Strategic Partnerships with East Asian Countries Strengthen and Delimit Representations of the EU as a Global and Regional Security Actor

Stephan Klose

This paper aims at understanding how strategic dialogues between the EU and its East Asian partners (China, Japan and South Korea) limit or enable particular representations of the EU as a political and security actor and how such representations are used by EU institutions to legitimize (an extension of) the European integration project. In its analysis this paper employs the discourse-historical approach of critical discourse analysis (CDA) to diachronically analyze the discursive development of EU-East Asia security relations in the EU's official statements on its partnership with China, Japan and South Korea. The paper argues that its 'strategic partnerships' with East Asian countries provide the EU with a powerful diplomatic instrument to discursively establish itself as a regional and global security provider, while at the same time these partnerships constantly shape the characteristics of the EU as security actor in international affairs.

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