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Higher Education Reform 2014 in Ukraine and its Impact on Teaching and Learning of European Studies

Galyna Mykhailiuk

This paper focuses on the analysis of quality management in higher education of Ukraine and the impact of the new edition of the Law of Ukraine (2014) "On Higher Education" on Teaching and Learning of European Studies.For the further enhancement of integration of Ukraine into the European and global higher education, we argue that it is indispensable to ensure support to the development of innovative education through targeted programs and introduction of the new technologies.The paper also reflects upon the practical implementation of the new teaching methods trained within INOTLES Programme (Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies) in terms of higher education reform in Ukraine (i.e. the detailed comparative analysis of new possibilities and opportunities of implementation of innovative pedagogies within Higher educational institutions of Ukraine).Specific attention will be paid to the changes in the quality of higher education and particularly of EU Law courses after the introduction and implementation of student-centered, active and constructive learning as a collaborative process in the form of problem based learning, simulations and blended learning in curricula. The paper is based in the author's insights and evaluates current proposals for educational improvement, based on the recommendations and best practices of advanced Western countries.

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