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Europeanization of Poland and Turkey: Comparative Analysis

Adam Szymanski

Poland and Turkey are different states in many terms, including the stage of relations with the European Union. The former country has been the EU member for more than ten years now, the latter - still the associate member. However, in case of Poland and Turkey many similar phenomena can be observed within their European integration process as well. The research goal of the paper is the comparative analysis of the impact of the EU on both states - first of all in the context of some dilemmas. The main hypothesis is that the similarities of problems within the Europeanization process are mainly a result of common systemic and ideological features of Poland and Turkey, despite the different cultural and national settings. Existing differences in turn are not only a result of the objective dissimilarities but also the determinants of the enlargement process at a given time (including the state of the EU). The following questions will be posed to support the hypothesis: To which extent has the EU the impact on the Polish and Turkish state and society? Can we observe the similar or different processes within the Europeanization of both countries? What are their reasons? These questions are important because they enable also to raise the question of the change of the EU impact on particular states with reference to subsequent enlargement rounds (here the Eastern enlargement and the current round).

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