Student Forum Seminars

London, 21-22 November 2014

The first day of this event was a publishing workshop, particularly focused on preparing, reviewing, revising and submitting articles to academic journals. The second day comprised a series of seminars focused on providing practical advice to students at all stages of their European Studies PhD.





Listen to the following audio recordings from our Archive:

Understanding the Journal Process (From Submission to Publication and How to write a Good Article) with Simona Guerra and Christopher Bickerton

Once you've Written your Article (Choosing where to submit your work and The Role of a Reviewer) with Maxine David and Nathaniel Copsey

The Editing Process and Beyond (Revising & Resubmitting and Making sure your Article gets Read) with Paul Taggart and David Galbreath

Writing for a Non-Academic Audience with Andreas Müllerleile and David Galbreath

Your Thesis - to Publish or not to Publish? with Federica Bicchi and Toni Haastrup

Preparing for and Presenting at Conferences with Kathryn Simpson and Grant Stirling

Conducting Fieldwork with Lena Sucker and Francesca Batzella


Browse the following resources:

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Tips for Publishing Journal Articles

List of European Studies Journals

How to write a good abstract for a conference paper

The Great Benefits of Attending Academic Conferences


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