The Impact of EU membership on the UK since 1973

London, 13 May 2013

This one-day conference considered how forty years of European Union membership have affected the UK's economy, foreign policy and politics. Leading figures from the worlds of business, politics, the civil service and diplomatic service examined the (sometimes fraught) relationship between Britain and the EU.

Forty years on from Britain's accession to the EU and at a time when the UK's membership is being re-examined by both politicians and the public, this event provided an opportunity for both a retrospective examination of the UK's relationship with the EU and a chance to look to its future.





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Listen to the following audio recordings from our Archive:

The UK: Four Decades as an Awkward Partner? with Helen Drake and Stephen Wall

A Changed Foreign Policy? Recalibrating the UK's Place in the World since Accession with Paul Adamson, David Frost, Charles Grant and Nigel Sheinwald

A Changing British Economy: The Accession Effects with Peter Bishop, Neil Bentley and Marie-Louise Rossi

The Impact of EU Membership on the UK's Politics with Richard Whitman and David Hannay


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