40 years since the First Enlargement

London, 7-8 March 2013

2013 is the 40th anniversary of the first enlargement of the European Union. To mark the occasion, UACES organised a conference exploring the evolution of the integration project since the accession of the UK, Denmark and Ireland in 1973. The anniversary provides an opportunity to assess the impact of membership across these states and to advance the understanding of the contemporary conditions of European integration.

The conference began with a lively roundtable chaired by John Palmer (advisory council of the Federal Trust) and featuring contributions from Lord Douglas Hurd, Dame Helen Wallace (London School of Economics) and Prof Christopher Lord (University of Oslo). The session set the scene for the rest of the conference with speakers offering both reminiscences of their experience of the accession process and reflections on its impact.

Drew Scott's (University of Edinburgh) keynote speech provided delegates with a fresh insight into the economic impact of EU membership on the 1973 accession states.

The keynote and roundtable were complemented by a series of research panel sessions examining the historical lead-up to accession and evaluating its social, political and legal ramifications.




Research Papers

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Blog Posts

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Listen to the following audio recordings from our Archive:

The Impact of the First Enlargement: Transforming the States and Changing the EU? with John Palmer, Douglas Hurd, Helen Wallace and Christopher Lord

The First Enlargement in Historical Perspective with Frances Lynch, Thomas Raineau, Helen Parr and Martin Wall

The First Enlargement: Good for the EU, Good for the Acceding States? with Helen Wallace, Michael Shackleton, Simon Usherwood and Lee Miles

The Economic Impact of Accession with Simon Bulmer and Drew Scott

A Changed Legal Order: Challenges for Courts with Daniela Corona, Marlene Wind, Elaine Fahey and Tamara Hervey

The Impact of Accession on Domestic Politics & Society with Knud Erik Jørgensen, Pauline Beaugé de la Roque, Federica di Sarcina, Thorsten B Olesen and Pauline Schnapper

The Impact of Accession on Legal and Quasi-Legal Institutions with Tamara Hervey, Michael Gøtze, Daniela Corona and Catherine Donnelly

What Next for Britain and the EU? with Helen Drake, Tim Bale, Richard Whitman and Mats Persson


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Special Issues

International Affairs, Special Issue - 'Forty years on: the UK and Europe' (2012), Vol 88(6)